Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Telly Stuff!

Hello friends

So this week I spent a couple of days at The Craft Channel,
here I am in the reception in front of the logo.
Big smiles because it really is a fun place!
And here's a sneaky peek at the might recognise the blonde lady with me,
yes that's Dawn Bibby, we worked together at Create and Craft
it's been lovely to meet up again.
The Craft Channel has also released a video, hoping you can view it here
or catch it on their Facebook get to see my hands a few times!

Also you may have just caught sight of a snowflake card that I made, 
this is it in more detail featuring the beautiful  Create A Flake Six.
I used the largest die to cut the aperture and then layered the snowflake.

As a reminder The Craft Channel is launching 8am on Monday 14 September.
And here's all the info regarding the channels.

Thank you so much everyone for your kind wishes, I am very excited about
returning to TV land, have to admit quite nervous too.
No doubt I will compensate that with some chatting!

Take care friends and hopefully if you live Coventry way I may
see you at Daisy's Jewels and Crafts today, I'll be demoing from 10am.


  1. Just looked at the video for The Craft Club and spotted your snowflake card. Briliant. I'm not really up bright and early you are 8 hours ahead of me! Have fun in Coventry - hope the M25 and M1 treat you kindly. X

  2. Hi Christine, glad your tv work is going well. As on virgin hoping they will sign. Absolutly adore the snowflake it looks great, thanks Ann

  3. Lovely photos and card, glad you had a wonderful time. xx hazel

  4. Hi Christine
    So pleased to hear and see you had a good time at the studio this week. I love your snowflake card 👍
    I'm really hoping the new channel will be on Freeview, otherwise I won't be able to tune in.
    Have a great time today in Coventry.
    Janice x

  5. Your card is gorgeous, perfect for batch making. Glad to hear everything is going OK, am looking forward to the launch of the TV channel.


  6. Morning Christine
    A lovely CAS card, new channel looking good, hope the freeview gets sorted soon.

  7. Christine I am sure you will be absolutely fantastic on the TV.... I always enjoyed watching you as you have a lovely way of presenting things
    I love the card with the snowflake.... think I will be borrowing this idea

  8. Can't wait to watch you back on screen. I adore that snowflake card ❄️

  9. Hello Christine
    So looking forward to Freeview taking up this channel, then I can watch you!
    Lovely Snowflake card
    Take care
    Love Marg

  10. Hi Christine, Love the snowflake card so pretty, looking forward to seeing you on TV . love Jean Z xxx

  11. Hi Christine. Love the snowflake card. Wish you well on the new channel. Sadly I wont be watching as DB makes my blood pressure rise. Cant you go to Hochanda instead?
    Have a good weekend.
    Lve Val in Spain x

  12. Good morning Christine, such an adventure. I will be away when it starts but will need Freeview anyway but perhaps it will soon be included though I hope you are not on with DB too often unless she has toned down her me me me which we got on C and C. Enjoy your weekend, best wishes Jackie x

  13. Good morning Christine
    How exciting to be back on the TV and to work with Dawn again. I am really looking forward to this new channel I just wish they would hurry up and announce their Freeview channel.
    Enjoy Coventry and safe journey

  14. Love the snowflake card Christine and glad the TV channel is progressing well, have made a note of the start date and must try not to miss it. Good luck.

  15. Gorgeous snowflake card, so glad I got to meet you and see all those fantastic samples. Looking forward to seeing you on the TV again x

  16. Hi Christine, I'm so excited !!!!! I really hope The Craft Channel is going to be on Virgin, I am so looking forward to watching. I caught your beautiful 'snowflake' card and also saw the new Platinum peeking out from behind your piccie of your card too, it looks fabulous.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  17. nice card ,good luck with the next channel wow we will be spoiled for choice with 2 new craft channels and c&c to watch ,Laura O

  18. Love the card May have to try this with a different set... Looking forward to the new channel - to see More Spellbinders and to see the Platinum in action

  19. Hello Christine,
    I wish you every success in your new venture. You make such beautiiful things, you shouldn't be nervous.
    Love Maureen xxx

  20. Hi Christine, it was lovely to meet you on Saturday, wish i had arrived earlier. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and leaving me a lovely message. Just emailed Elliott, that would be fun to be one of his angels, fingers crossed.
    Will be tuning into the Craft Channel to watch you, good luck, you will be great.
    X sam.